Your Craftisan

Diane Azzopardi was born in Sydney in 1981, completed her HSC in 1999 and has an unfinished degree in Primary Education. She worked in the corporate banking world for 4 years when forced resign due to undiagnosed chronic illness.

After many years of illness and countless tests the diagnosis has been narrowed down to Connective Tissue Auto-Immune Disease. This means a lot of medication, regular blood tests, pacing myself and cutting things out of my diet that my body doesn’t like.

While this disease has taken so much from Diane’s life it has also brought so many good things too. In the time she convalesced she has developed her skills in drawing, painting, and crafting some rather lovely things. She has also found strength she did not know she posessed, and learned a lot about what it means, and what it takes to be happy.

This is me!

“Many blessings have been gained from the painful and debilitating time in my life. With persistence, hard work, and some wonderful marvels of modern medicine this chapter of the story is heading towards a happy ending. I am finishing my TAFE Cert. IV in Small Business Management. Have a great business plan to work from and an amazing support network around me .

This amzing life I now have would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of my family, friends and other talented & creative people along the way. Thanks to all who have helped inspire me, motivate me, encourage me and guide me on my journey”.


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