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We Have a DOT COM!!

It’s taken a bit of wrangling and a bit of frustration and feelings of “oh my gawd, did I do that right or did I just break it” but it’s here!

Notice how that “.wordpress” is missing? (Not that I minded it). WordPress is awesome and I love the things I can do with it. I particularly love that WordPress is cool with me taking their name out of my domain. I’ve not got the time or skills to throw together a kick-ass webpage without the use of a template.

Why do I have a Dot Com? Great question, Me. Because I can.

No seriously? Okay, because I’m expanding my hobby, trial business, fledgling business thing into something bigger, better, and more professional.

And you’re still talking to yourself in third-person and interviewing your (first-person) self? Yep. Nobody else around at this hour to interview me. Except the cat and I doubt he’d like me waking him at 1:40 in the AM.

Fair enough. Anything else you want to tell us about the new you? I’ll soon stop ranting about business plans, marketing plans and financial plans. As I’ll be finished my TAFE course.  That’s great. Anything else? I’ll be working on new product ranges with new materials and with new purpose.

What do you hope to achieve as the new you? World Domination, mwuhahahaha. Well eventually, but for now I’ll settle for creating some kick-ass ethical products, letting the locals know about it and hopefully finding some retail stores that like what I’m doing and want to stock my stuff…. Maybe finding my sanity, oh and some sleep. Everyone loves sleep right? We’re overdue for a bit of a branding overhaul as well. Pray to your deities that I get that Suncorp Grant!

Right. We do. So you best get back to work and finish that bloody assignment. NOW!   Yes maaahm!

Oi, you forgot to post a picture in your post! Ok here you go:

“LOVE XO” print by hark home on Made It

Much Better!  You’re welcome.

From both of us: if you can see this and not the “Crazy Domains” page it’s a minor miracle.


Happy Birthday Blue Twig Studio

Happy Birthday Blue Twig Studio!

My lovely friend Deb over at Blue Twig Studio is celebrating her Blog Birthday with a great give-away of some craft kits. There is a great green mixed media art kit, an awesome orange embellishment kit and a pretty pink mixed media art kit.

Head on over to the Blue Twig Studio blog to have a look and enter into the competition. If you’d rather just join a club and get a kit sent out every month in the theme of either Mixed Media Art, Ribbons & Trims or Vintage and Found Objects head over to the Blue Twig Studio Store.

My best wishes to you Deb, for every success. Your friendship, creativity and inspiration have been invaluable to me on my creative journey.

Changing Lanes

Sometimes in life you see that as your journey progresses down the multi-lane highway that an opportunity to travel a little better, a little faster, a little more smoothly arises and so you change lanes. If you’re driving in Sydney traffic no matter what lane you pick it too will eventually present its own issues and you’ll need to change lanes again, either back to where you were or to a different lane altogether.

The time has come for me to change lanes with Mountain Moon And Sea. We got into the lane of volunteering and stocking with I Heart Gallery as it was a great opportunity and full of promise. After about 3 months in that lane I have realised that the travel to and from Sydney, the coffee I needed to get me through the day and the take away food were taking their toll on my health and my wallet. Being run-down physically meant that I had fallen a little behind in my TAFE work and struggling to catch up is stressing me.

After doing some brain-storming and a SWOT analysis I realised that there was more to why this lane wasn’t working for me anymore. I brainstormed what I saw in I Heart Gallery in terms of target market, political beliefs and the sort of energy is had as a space. I Heart Gallery is young, “alternative”, subversive, decidedly young, overtly sexual and politically charged with a dash of cutesyness, some pop culture iconography and pinch of retro-cool to balance it out a little. There is also a certain chaotic flair in I Heart Gallery which is very at home in the Inner West. I Heart is cool, fashionable and will be popular with those that the rest of society may label as “Goth”, “Emo” or “Hipster”. This would have sat really well with me 5-10 years ago. But I am not that person anymore and the work I produce reflects that.

Mountain Moon And Sea (MMS) reflects more of who I am now, and who I want to be in the future. It is focussed in the Illawarra by it’s very name. I want MMS to be more ethically focussed, in terms of environment, sustainability of resources and supporting fair-trade practices. I want MMS to be a spiritually grounded business whose practices reflect the ethics at the heart of it, at the heart of me. I want MMS to be organised, professional, reliable and to build strong relationships with its customers, suppliers and with the greater community. I want the business to focus on hand-made items of artisan quality that are still affordable. I want the items I create to have their own unique style, to be beyond “fashion” and to hold their appeal for many seasons into the future, with the quality to last the test of time. The target market I am looking at for my products is older, more “mature” and more ethically/eco-focussed. There are different life stages in my target market to that of I Heart Gallery.


Available at I Heart Gallery, St. Peters until Friday 27th April.

My time with the Gallery has been really enjoyable. I have worked with genuinely lovely people who have supported me and encouraged me in so many ways. I have learned a lot about myself, my business and gained some really valuable retail experience. Hopefully I’ve contributed as much to I Heart Gallery as I have received. I have been inspired in many ways and have many plans for future projects that I am currently storing under my hat until I am finished my course and in my new studio.

On that, rather long-winded, note I shall leave you as I have assignments that need tending to.

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

More inspiration this week, while I sort things out after the madness of Christmas and an interstate road trip for my brother’s 21st in Melbourne. More photos from that another day. (Promise!).

I have seen many interpretations of carved books over the years but these Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee are something different altogether.

There is so much attention to detail that makes them stand out. I can see this being a great example of how having patience, putting in time and effort and striving for excellence can really set you apart as an artist or craftsperson.

The one pictured above also shows how thinking a little bit outside the box, pushing boundaries and taking risks can really pay off. All good lessons for me to take on board in creating products for Mountain Moon and Sea and approaching ways of doing business.

 I’ve always loved, and still love, the idea of taking something that has little use or value in it’s current form, like an out-dated text book, and transforming it into some beautiful and meaningful. I hope to take this idea and apply it by using the fabric offcuts I have from a tailor shop and making them into fabric bracelets and other wearable art pieces. The fabric I have sourced would have ended up in landfill if I had not rescued it. It is good to do something good for the planet, but it also gives me the warm and fuzzies too. 🙂

Dear Little House: How times flies- “Houseiversary” giveaway!

One of two famed prints on offer

Hello 2012, and hello to more blogging friends. One of my friends is having a give-away of some fine framed prints of her own work to celebrate her “Houseiversary”. Head on over to have a look and enter:  Dear Little House: How times flies- “Houseiversary” giveaway!. Happy Housiversary Nat!

In other news I’ve just returned from a trip from Melbourne and I’m looking forward to turning some of my road-trip photos into postcards or notecards. Which do you think would be better? I will be adding these to my Etsy shop soon, along with bunch of new pretty jewellery pieces I made before Christmas. I will show you photos of those another day.

Altered Playing Cards – All the 3s.

This is a set of Altered Playing Cards I made for a recent swap on Swap-Bot.

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while now. Study, illness and assessment week last week has meant that I really haven’t had the time to be as creative as I would like, or to share with all my followers what I have been able to do in my infrequent creative time.

Even now I should be in bed, all snuggly and warm. But I am here writing up posts for my blog, because it’s something I’ve missed.

I have just two classes at TAFE this week. Then I have two weeks off to get ready for the Scarborough art show. Pieces need to be delivered on the 5th of October, then opening night is on the 7th. The show continues through the 8th and 9th with lots of art, craft, music and fun. It’s also an important part of the local community calendar. I haven’t been before and I’m really excited to be there and be a part of it.

After that excitement is the excitement of my 30th birthday!  Lots to look forward to in October!

But until then I need to rest, so I can keep my health, and paint. Then maybe paint and craft some more, just for fun.

Painting Progress

Weird windy weather has meant painting has moved inside. I’m enjoying getting all arty again. Things are progressing well, albeit slowly. This is how far I got last night:

Painting progress for the Scarborough Art Show (2011)

Looking forward to seeing lots of local artists and friends at the Scarborough Art Show on the 8th and 9th of October. Hope to get more items up on Etsy for Mountain Moon and Sea this week too.