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We Have a DOT COM!!

It’s taken a bit of wrangling and a bit of frustration and feelings of “oh my gawd, did I do that right or did I just break it” but it’s here!

Notice how that “.wordpress” is missing? (Not that I minded it). WordPress is awesome and I love the things I can do with it. I particularly love that WordPress is cool with me taking their name out of my domain. I’ve not got the time or skills to throw together a kick-ass webpage without the use of a template.

Why do I have a Dot Com? Great question, Me. Because I can.

No seriously? Okay, because I’m expanding my hobby, trial business, fledgling business thing into something bigger, better, and more professional.

And you’re still talking to yourself in third-person and interviewing your (first-person) self? Yep. Nobody else around at this hour to interview me. Except the cat and I doubt he’d like me waking him at 1:40 in the AM.

Fair enough. Anything else you want to tell us about the new you? I’ll soon stop ranting about business plans, marketing plans and financial plans. As I’ll be finished my TAFE course.  That’s great. Anything else? I’ll be working on new product ranges with new materials and with new purpose.

What do you hope to achieve as the new you? World Domination, mwuhahahaha. Well eventually, but for now I’ll settle for creating some kick-ass ethical products, letting the locals know about it and hopefully finding some retail stores that like what I’m doing and want to stock my stuff…. Maybe finding my sanity, oh and some sleep. Everyone loves sleep right? We’re overdue for a bit of a branding overhaul as well. Pray to your deities that I get that Suncorp Grant!

Right. We do. So you best get back to work and finish that bloody assignment. NOW!   Yes maaahm!

Oi, you forgot to post a picture in your post! Ok here you go:

“LOVE XO” print by hark home on Made It

Much Better!  You’re welcome.

From both of us: if you can see this and not the “Crazy Domains” page it’s a minor miracle.


This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids

I think we all need a bit more fun in our lives, one of the few things you really can’t over-dose on, so long as the bills are paid. This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of Stickers to Thousands of Kids | Colossal. There are few artists that feel comfortable collaborating with the public, let alone with kids. (Never work with kids or animals?).

For me it would be a great social experiment, but not necessarily the kind of installation piece I would feel comfortable with. Letting go of control would be hard. While I do love the finished result I would find it hard to use such restricted colour-palette combined with just using circles.

There is part of me that suspects that many big kids were involved too, based purely on the concentration of dots at a higher height. I am tempted to bring a small part of this project into my home in the form of a chalk wall. I will definitely have one in my craft room, but I am now seriously considering having one in the more social living areas too as a kind of dynamic guest book. What are your thoughts?

The 12th Insight

Recently I found a YouTube interview with author James Redfield about his new book, The 12th Insight. This has made me want to re-read some of his previous books so that I can be ready for the consciousness shared in his most recent book. His books have helped me on my individual spiritual journey, and the journey of many of my close friends also.

Now available at your favourite book seller.

His response when asked by MysticMonkey “Do you think we have enough energy collectively to live “The Twelfth Insight?” really stuck a chord with me.

“Absolutely, if we do it personally. You know … we can’t rely on collective energy anymore. We have to be net givers of energy not receiving of energy from other people, you follow me?  (yes) So this is really about, you know, stop thinking about this theory of it all. Stop… wanting to get a group that will help us remember to get it together, stop thinking about all that and start actually  practicing it personally so that… it becomes contagious to other people from us. …So we’re not waiting around for someone else to help us. But we’re actually building this way of life … and sort of radiating it out for everyone else to see and be listed by. I think that’s our great calling right now. And what will happen of course is that the more people doing then the more it becomes contagious to more people. All the group efforts will happen synchronistically to solve the problems in this world. But it begins with the individual with a kind of disciplined search for this larger consciousness. And again it’s very simple, if you make the decision to live your life authentically and openly and all you’re thinking about is how you can be of service to the people that you relate to everyday then that intuitive guidance of what to do and say comes as a result of that.”

What an inspiring call to action!

The interview is in two parts and I found worthwhile insights in both parts. Ironically I discovered all of this because of an ad on Facbook. Synchronicities can eventuate in any form, the trick is to listen and be open to them. It’s this attitude that has helped me to where I am today, with dreams of a brighter, more exciting, and better than I can currently imagine future.

James Redfield has a facebook page if you’re interested in updates, including details of the Global Prayer Project.

Why are you sharing spirituality on your business page? If you’re wondering why I’m putting this on my business page, that’s fair enough really. As I see it my business is an extension of me, my beliefs and my attitudes and values. It’s why I want to live a more ethical life and introduce others to ethical products that they can afford. My intuition guides me everyday. It helps me paint, create and channel things into reality that make people happy. Happier people means a happier, safer and more positive world. I decided to work for myself for many reasons, one of which was the soul-less employment I had experienced in the past. It was a means to gain finances as my attempts to genuinely help people were seen as ‘overservicing’ and time-wasting. I’ve finally come to the realisation that life is what I make of it. I can create my own opportunities to live and work how I want to, and need to. In the future I plan for this business to grow to a point that I can bring others in to experience a positive and supportive work environment too. I trust that synchronicity will brill me what I need, when I need it, including the right people to enrich my life and my business. I hope and pray that I can always be open to receiving positive energy from the source and sharing what I can with others. If I can do this I will be satisfied, and that’s why I share my personal spiritual beliefs on my business page, because without them there would be no business.

Peace and love to all who have read this far!!

– Diane

The face behind the business.

Dreams Under Construction

With all good dreams that are worth dreaming, they take time to construct. This one is no different.

I know what I want to do and where I want to be, I know roughly how I am going to get there. I want to run my own business selling things that I have created with my own hands. I want to learn about how to run a business properly and successfully. I want to be able to work from home so that if I do end up settling down, getting married and having kids I can still keep doing what I love.

I have a name, I want to invest in protecting that name and that will take money. I have purposely chosen something that is to the best of my knowledge free of copywrite issues or things that sound similar. There are no websites or campany names currently registered in Australia under this name, but I hope to change that soon.

My next step is to enrol in TAFE for the second semester intake for the Certificate IV in Small Business Management. I plan to study part time, two nights a week, while applying what I am learning to my business plan. During this time I want to create an initial range of products and build up some stock. I also want to enter the Scarborough Art Show in October.

I have a few ideas of where and how to market my product but I will save that for another entry when I have more details figured out.

In the shadow of the Mountain, housed by the sea,

Creatively yours, the Moon-Lady Diane.

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