The End of Mountain Moon and Sea


If there is anyone out there still reading this I just want to say hello and goodbye.

Mountain Moon and Sea was a wonderful adventure and a lot of fun. It was a great learning experience too.

As my tax returns are now up to date, my business name and ABN are in the process of being de-registered.

Mountain Moon and Sea will soon officially no longer exist. I just need to close the bank account and transfer the $4.10 to my personal account. 

If you’re wondering why I’ll tell you. Some things are more important. Paying for my wedding was that thing.


So I got a day job. I have been in that job over a year now and creating things is now just for fun. There are a lot of things I would do differently if I ever started a creative business again. For now though, I am happy with my day job and it allows me to do some wonderful things in my life, like visit Europe this year.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me, supported me and shared their experiences with me. I wish each of you every blessing.

I plan to start a new personal blog. If you’re a personal friend you’ll know where to find me.


Lots of love, light and creative positivity,



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