Sexy Ethical Underthings

I love the idea of sustainable clothing, right down to the bare necessities. Unfortunately what I had seen previously in eco-undies what lacking a little in bow-chick-wow-wow factor. For my own future reference, and for my readers, I’ve put together some of the more saucy eco-underwear options.

Zakee Thong

Zakee Thong from Ascension Online

Let’s start with the flirty and fun, but practical enough for everyday wear. The Zakee Thong from Ascuntion Eco Fashion ticks a lot of boxes as it is made from fair trade materials, 50 pence (they are from the UK) from each pair go to the world’s first child-labour free cotton seed program and they are “dyed using healthy non-azo dyes & creating the lowest carbon footprint possible.”  They are also very reasonably priced at 10 pounds (on sale right now for 4.50 pounds). Unfortunately it’s the international shipping that’s the killer at 15 pounds (and carbon impact associated with this).

My suggestion to combat this is to buy a few things from their site all at once, such as the matching boob tube, some comfy hipster shorts, or one of their fabulous dresses that are all on sale right now too! The Ascuntion website doesn’t just stock women’s clothes, it stocks shoes, accessories, sunnies as well as stuff for men, babies and kids as well as a personal care range. 

Alternatively there is a limited Pants to Poverty range available in Australia at Little Green Bag. This website also stocks some lovely bamboo and silk underwear by Eco-Boudoir like the Soft Bra or the ruffle-back knickers. Check out the intimates section for these lovelies. Little Green Bag is better for dress shopping than underwear shopping but it’s a good local one to know about.

Etiko have a good variety of the Pants to Poverty range including the Moulin Rouche collection. Their men’s selection if Pants to Poverty also is quite funky (in a good way).

Magenta Moulin Rouche

Etiko has a limited range of other clothing but a decent range of intelligent Tees (“Love Revolution” ,”Racist Brain” and Etiko’s own “Wear No Evil” are my faves) as well as great range of No Sweat sneakers in styles you’ll recognise and love for both adults and kids.

I discovered WhoMadeYourPants? via Refugees United Australia‘s blog. According to their website “All our pants are made from upcycled traditional synthetic lingerie materials, fabrics that would otherwise have been discarded at the end of a season but are in perfectly good order.” Now these are some seriously sexy underthings!

Something Blue by Who Made Your Pants?

I also love that they do some great gift packs, like “The Working Week” which is a set of 5 gorgeous black knickers with the promise of no VPL! Personally though, if you want to spoil me rotten get me the “The Divine Kid In A Candy Shop” and remember when ordering they’re in UK sizes! (That makes me a 12 UK). Sorry guys, nothing for you to wear here but I’m sure your lady would be happy with their wares as they are tested for “forgetaboutability” – that means the ability to forget that you’re wearing them.

For our next sexy selection you’ll need a browser to translate the page, or a decent grasp of French (or just make sure you click on the Union Jack on the home page). The sizing chart is readable if you look at the diagrams and measure yourself. (Or know your UK/US size). Shown below is the Triangle Bra and the Organic Boxers with Pleat Details which come in an impressive range of contemporary bright colours.

Triangle bra
The most amazing thing about the items from Do You by g8 is that they are made from white pine trees!! The seductive designs are not limited to lingerie, they also make swim-wear, kimonos and gowns, dresses and hoisery – all made from plant fibre that comes from tree pruning. Even better is that it all apparently feels like a combination of cashmere and silk. Here’s a photo of the Men’s Organic Boxers from their men’s range, which also includes socks. (Model is for display only and does not come with the underwear).

Urban Fox have some knock-out undies too. Pity their website doesn’t have much info about their ethical credentials. Great that you’re made in the USA as that means you are probably paying at least award wage. Also love that there is a little diversity in the models you’ve used, and that they’re all lovely curvy ladies. There is a little more info on your Facebook Page, but I think that if you are shopping online the info about the fabrics and methods of production should be right there next to the items, especially if you are marketing yourself as an eco-company.

St Louis boy legs by Urban Fox
Lacey Set by Urban Fox

As I said, lovely items ladies, just a little more info at point of sale would be better.

When it comes to sexy underwear red is a classic. The Red Thong by Pact is a modern classic. Made from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane it has ethical credentials as well as a young sporty sex appeal.

Red Thong by Pact

Pact’s thongs come in other colours and prints including purple, navy, bright blue, black, yellow and nude.
Our next stop off is at Devil May Wear, a lovely Etsy shop which now has a bricks and mortar (or perhaps concrete and steel) store in NY. The lovely knickers below are stitched out of bamboo jersey with blue lace details.

Red and Blue Lace Soy Blend Bloomers from Devil May Wear

Other than some lovely bum-coverings my favourite items in the shop are the bamboo leggings, I would love a turqouise pair with black lace and have added them to my favourites.

While on Etsy there are SO many options for ethical undies but these by Clare Bare are quite some of the cutest:

Rosette Bloomers in Baby Blue by Clare Bare on Etsy

Also on Etsy is InterTwinedDesigns, where you can get either one (About $22 US) or a three pack (About $60US) of Soy-Luscious boy-short undies. InterTwinedDesigns also do a great range of activewear and I now have another, different, pair of leggings on my favourites from them.

Soy Luscious Boy Short Underwear

Soy Luscious Boy Short Underwear - InterTwinedDesigns on Etsy

Now here is one that has a the wow-factor that will mean your significant other, (or evening companion), will be thinking about ravishing you, and not the providence of your undies. But in case you were wondering here’s what Tricki Vikki says:

I use bamboo/spandex jersey knit for my panties and bras because it’s so soft and bamboo grows easily without pesticides or fungicides. Bamboo undies are lightweight, supple and feel just like a second skin. They’re also naturally antibacterial, wick moisture away from the body, and are “thermoregulating” meaning they keep you closer to your comfortable body temperature in both hot and cold environments.

Enough words? You wanna see the sexy now? Ok…

Valentine Eco-Undies Set - TrickyVikki on Etsy

Lacey Hipster by TickyVikki on Etsy

More organic cotton jersey sexy bum from Chikkippie on Etsy.

Organic Cotton Daisy Hot Shorts

Ok this is getting to be a really long post now so I’ll try to wrap it up with another gorgeous, feminine and retro-fabulous set from Madonna Bain EcoIntimates on Etsy. The Cropped Cami is shown here with the Elizabeth High-Waisted Knickers, both from the “In the Boudoir” collection, and both now firmly on my favourites list!

Cropped Cami in Organic Cotton and Silk by EcoIntimates on Etsy


One thought on “Sexy Ethical Underthings

  1. Deb Prewitt

    Eco-friendly undies. Love it. Of course, all these models make me realize how I would NOT look like them in these items. 🙂 That being said, I like pretty underthings like everyone else. I think I like that last set the best. I like the retro look and it looks comfie too.


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