Budget Re-use Home Office Storage Solutions

I came across this great slide show full of ideas by Better Homes and Gardens for budget and re-use Home Office Storage Solutions while perusing Atypical Type A . I can see a row of shower caddies above my desk to hold bits and bobs for projects I’m working on as well as a toothbrush and tumbler holder mounted to the studio easel my Dad built for me. (I really must post photos of that!).

Shower Caddie Storage

Canned Pen Storage

I can see me converting some diced tomato cans into pen and scissors storage. Maybe covering them with some coordinating reclaimed fabric to funk it up a little. The converted bread box charging station has a lot of appeal. Especially when I think there may be a lovely wooden bread box in the garage somewhere. 🙂

Bread Bin Charging Station

Cookie Tray Magnetic Board

Who ever thought of using a cookie tray as a megnetic memo board is a genius! I also may have to raid the wrecking yard for some suspension springs to organise my letters. I really like the idea of using fabric sand bags as bookends. Possibly because I’m a creative girl who loves colour and I love the idea of being able to change the bookends when I change up the colours of the room. I’d love to be one of those people who can Martha Stewart up a seasonal change every 3-6 months but the reality it that I have more important things to do.

Spring as a Letter Holder

Sand Bag Book Ends

There are lots of other idea over on Better Homes and Gardens for storage ideas using items most people already have like pegs, cupcake trays and tupper containers.

Tupper Piggy Banks


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