Summer Ebay Bargains From Brands You Already Love

I must admit I am a huge fan of the four-letter S-word. Nothing grabs my attention like a red background with the word SALE in big white letters. Today I got the four-letter word in the form of an email from Ebay, which is great as it’s been either too hot and muggy, or too wet, to want to step foot out the door. There is something about shopping online that makes me less likely to buy impulsively. Perhaps it’s because we make emotional connections through our sense of touch, or perhaps it’s because you can’t try things on and see yourself wearing it. Whatever the reason I’m glad it’s there as there are some great bargains to be had in Ebay-world right now. I thought I’d practice my skills using Word’s publisher layout by making you all a great magazine-style spread of what I found. Please let me know what you think!

If you want to see a BIG shiny PDF version click on Summer Ebay Bargains Brands FEB 2012.

May your feet be dry and your house be cool!


2 thoughts on “Summer Ebay Bargains From Brands You Already Love

  1. starzyia

    hi! nice to follow another DUST member blog… but I am giggling because you said ‘may your feet be dry’… I have just been confessing to having the sensation of stepping on wet carpet several times a day… when the carpet is not wet at all… it is just a strange misfunction of my senses or something! We were just discussing it and scratching our collective heads, lol.


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