After many distractions I decided that today I needed to sit down and blog, just to get my head around what I’ve been doing and where I’m going.

Distractions are, to me, anything that diverts me from my purpose. I have allowed myself many distractions lately. Catching up with friends, watching TV, sleeping in, Facebook. At first I feel guilty for all of them, then I realise that each of them have, in a round-a-bout way, focused me on my purpose. When I catch up with friends I share my life, my dreams and my aspirations in an unguarded way. I realise that I have done a lot since our last catch up, even if it feels like I’m only just treading water. Whenever I watch TV I am provided with some kind of information or inspiration, like this morning’s interview with children’s book illustrator Shaun Tan. Sometimes I forget the wisdom in letting myself be guided by forces outside myself, rather than trying to control how my dreams will eventuate.

I know now that if I feel the need to sleep in that my body needs rest and warmth from the cold in order to heal itself and recharge my energy reserves. Facebook is an interesting dilemma, at times I need to connect with someone other than the cat, sometimes I will work on my business page, at other times I will be networking with other businesses and learning from  them by what I like or dislike about the way they present themselves. At other times I am inspired by people who are facing adversity and fighting with a strength and determination most admirable.

I think the problem I have is that I don’t have an ordered approach to prioritising things. This realisation came after my first “Developing Work Priorities” TAFE class last night.  I need something that will help me find more time in the day, rather than create useless spreadsheets. I need something that is flexible enough to change as circumstances change. Once it’s out of my head in an ordered visual form I can stop worrying about what I need to do and just do it. I need it to be easy and something I will be able to see. I have to-do lists, the problem is that I am always adding more things to them and they get lost in piles of paperwork. I know I am rambling on now, and possibly complaining about my own incompetence but I must identify the problem before I can fix it.

Ok now lets see if I can make a plan. First, find the current to-do list. Second, cross off stuff I’ve done. Third, add stuff that needs to be done. Then I just need to clear my desk and start working. Why was that so hard? Because I didn’t have a plan to start with. Because I’m tired, have a headache and it’s bloody cold. Because I don’t have a work schedule and I really need one otherwise it will be another month or two before I update this blog again. Also because, as usual, I have more things I want to do than I have energy/time to do. Perhaps also because I overestimate how hard and how much effort I will need to put into TAFE based on my university experience.

As usual it’s all in my head, but my head can be a difficult, and at times dangerous adversary. At other times it can be my most brilliant and loyal ally.

I will leave you today with a picture of my desk, with a bunch of things I created on the 27th of June. Some are now sold, some were donated to Auction To Cure Diabetes. Those that are not sold are available for sale on the Mountain Moon And Sea Facbook page. 

My First Creations


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