The first of many samples.

Today I have achieved what I set myself to do this week, I have made a sample of a product. The fabric bracelet came to me in a semi-sleep state a few days ago. Now I am wearing one. I am now wearing something that didn’t exist this morning. I think that’s pretty awesome. I plan to wear it for the weekend and see what needs improvement.

One thing that definitely needs improvement are my sewing skills. I’m a bit out of practice but hopefully it won’t take too long to get my mojo back so I can be a lot faster and stop stabbing myself!

Here is me wearing the finished product:

First sample of the fabric bracelet.


Another thing I need to improve is the atmosphere in the craft room as creating without music is not the best way for me to work. I find that if I stop thinking and sing along to the music I do things much better and much faster. This weekend I will set up my stereo in the craft room and bring up some CDs.

I have already learned a lot from making this sample that I can apply to future ones. Things like how much embroidery thread to use and how much seam allowance I need.

I challenged myself to work with a colour palette I wouldn’t normally use or wear. It’s growing on me. The style is also something I would probably make in a kids size in future.

I also think in future that Jack the mischievous kitten will be locked out at the first sign of trouble to avoid him chewing my good embroidery thread and actually swallowing a small piece of ribbon while I was on the phone. He has certainly tested my nerves today, as little boys are known to do. Don’t worry we’ll be snuggling up together as usual tonight.

That’s all for this week, good night and happy long weekend!!




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