Putting on the marching boots.

Last night I did my first march with Australia S.I.T.T. (Send In The Troops). It’s a great facebook community for Aussie businesses to network with each other and to get more ‘likes’ on each other’s pages. Currently there is a march over 30 randomly selected pages each week on a Wednesday night. It is a lot of typing but also a lot of fun. I really loved the solidarity and connecting with other stay-at-home people who are either setting up or already established online businesses. There are some businesses I will order products from in the future and there are others that I don’t ever see myself having a need for, but when Christmas comes around that may be a different story!

I attempted to start on my first sample product today but I have fallen victim of a craft-sposion. There are bits and pieces all over my desk, my chair and I now have a few opened boxes that I had until today not yet tried to unpack. Why? Because I needed the embroidery hoop. It was of course in the bag on the top shelf. The ‘sposion was unnecessary but it did force me to organise a bunch a fabric, a bunch of beads, several small spools of ribbon and a bunch of stamping supplies. At least in starting this venture I am already well stocked with supplies.

Other random discoveries include small pile of ATCs that I need to send to someone, a few letters from my pen pals that I’ve been looking for so I can reply to them, last year’s Christmas cards and the supplies for the Halloween Birthday party that never happened last year. (Maybe this year for the big three oh). There are many more boxes like labelled “Craft Stuff” to open, but they can definitely wait for another day.

Today would have been much easier is Jack the naughty kitten hadn’t decided that he wanted to play with all the interesting things his Mummy was playing with, but that’s children for you- especially the furry kind.

Jack's not on my desk right now, but only because he has a heater.


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